Andrea's Platform

Public Safety 

As a member of the Planning Commission, I voted for the renovation and expansion of the public safety facility which will meet the growing needs of our fire/ambulance crew and law enforcement officers. As the spouse of a former member of law enforcement, I support efforts to ensure the mental health of our officers. I live on a busy street and understand residents’ concerns about speeding. I would like to see a comprehensive approach to address the issue, including more robust enforcement of speed limits and traffic calming measures such as electronic speed signs that can be rotated as needed.

Emergency Services 

As the number of calls for ambulance and fire services continues to rise, I am dedicated to ensuring the residents of White Bear Lake have access to timely emergency services. As a seven-year breast cancer survivor who has personally needed urgent healthcare, I understand the importance of reliable emergency services. I support the hiring of additional ambulance drivers and a review of the current structure of reimbursements from other communities covered by our services. 

Natural Resources

I became interested in local politics when a nearby business, Water Gremlin, was reported to

have poisoned our air with a dangerous chemical, and our state agencies and politicians knew nothing about it. Without clean air, soil, and water, our health and well-being are in jeopardy. With five lakes and four watershed districts in the city, I support a proactive approach to preserving and improving our water resources. Our city should encourage community members to conserve water and preserve natural resources, including more promotion of existing programs. We should also ensure that more native plants, rain gardens, and other water conservation measures are used on city-owned property.

Energy costs continue to rise, and I support our city’s efforts to increase the utilization of energy reduction methods. I applaud the installation of solar panels on the Sports Center roof and hope to see the use of solar panels on other city-owned buildings, such as the new public safety facility. I encourage the city to apply for climate pollution reduction grants that can be used to defray some of the costs of solar for city buildings and homeowners.


I believe in a warm and welcoming White Bear Lake, where we treat everyone as our cherished neighbors. When I was on the White Bear Lake Housing Task Force, I learned that we do not have enough housing for older adults and for people who are working entry-level jobs (“workforce housing”). I support the city in its efforts to create more housing to fill the housing gaps in our community.

concerned about increasing costs and being on a fixed income. We currently have a city-

owned senior living facility that charges reasonable rent called Pioneer Manor, but it has

a 3+ year-long waiting list so many of the older adults in our community who would like

to move there cannot. I support building an additional city-owned housing complex so

more older residents have the option of continuing to live in our community when they

choose to move out of their homes.

employees for entry-level positions. The average cost of an apartment in White Bear

Lake is $1,320, which is unaffordable for many people. I support the addition of housing

that is affordable for those who work in entry-level positions.

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